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Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:00AM
Sat - 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sundays by appointment only!

Opening Times

Monday – Friday:
8:00am – 18:00pm

8:00am – 18:00pm



Engines Factory Ltd. is a garage based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, in a large unit where our entire engine reconditioning process is provided. We are a well established and trusted company with highly skilled engineers & mechanics on board. We will always deliver quality and reliability to our Customers. We also provide any car repairs or servicing. Every reconditioned engine is always checked for faults and constantly double checked during the process of engine assembly to ensure the best quality. Our reconditioned engines are supplied also to other "ONLINE Competitor" and customers all around UK and around Europe as well. Please make a phone call and ask any questions- we are happy to help you.


  • Competitive prices
  • 1 year or 12.000 miles warranty
  • All work undertaken in-house
  • Fast Delivery
  • Hassle Free Service
  • Recovery service available

We are well-known across the NOTTINGHAM area for our transparent, affordable and best prices.

Our customer reviews speak for themselves.


We recondition engines for all brands of vehicles, both petrol and diesel. We cover cars, vans and truck engines reconditioning and remanufacturing. Apart of vehicle engines we also rebuild any plant / machinery engine, boat / marinized engines or any other internal combustion piston engine. All our professionally reconditioned / remanufactured engines are suitable for immediate installation in the car, van, boat....

So, this what we do at Engines Factory Nottingham:

- we are specialized in engines reconditioning, but we also are supplying replacement reconditioned engines, and those are more that a job for us: it is pure passion

- our engine specialits hands are using the latest equipment that you can find, and they are very good on it;

- every engine rebuilding project is supervised by our senior engineers that have no less than 30 years of hard experience and the optimum skills for the job;

- we can provide recovery for Nottinghamshire assuring our customers the safety of the transport to our engine reconditioning centre;


- also, we will provide you with a quotation for the project to be carried out which includes all associated charges before any work commences;

- our prices are very competitive on the market, probably the best in the Nottinghamshire;

- we offer 1 year or 12.000 miles warranty. Engines Factory Ltd is open from Monday to Saturday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, and we spare no efforts to bring you the best quality for any engine issues.


There is one think about the Engines Factory Ltd - we have a passion. Our passion is our mission, and that is to deliver the best quality reconditioned engines, that is reliable reconditioning.

Every Engine Reconditioned by us is after treatment to match re-manufacturing standard but with the difference that we reuse some parts rather than replace. It is to lower the price, but without any compromise to the quality of Engines Factory. Quality Reconditioned Engine is our mission!

What's included in an RECONDITIONING PROCESS?

  • The engine will be stripped and all parts cleaned

  • All piston rings are replaced

  • Crankshaft is polished or reground and new bearing shells will be fitted

    (both big end and main)

  • The cylinder head is pressure tested and skimmed

  • Valves cleaned and re-seated

  • New steam seals fitted

  • All engine gaskets are replaced

  • New timing kit fitted

  • New water pump

    (where the pump is driven by the timing belt)

  • Oil pump is checked for correct operation

  • Radiator checked and flushed

  • Coolant replaced

  • Oil and filter replaced