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Opening Times

Monday – Friday:
8:00am – 18:00pm

8:00am – 18:00pm

Exhaust Factory

We are offering reliable and affordable exhaust services to those in the Nottinghamshire area.

For a car that always performs to its best, it is vital to have the exhaust checked regularly. This way, you can make sure it is not only safe but performing as efficiently as possible, and not costing you more money than it should do in fuel. If left in a bad condition, a faulty exhaust could pose a health risk and be detrimental to the whole running of your vehicle.

Our highly qualified and skillful mechanics are experts in all things exhausts and can carry out exhaust fittings to the highest standards. We also offer quality exhaust parts and can even just give some professional advice on which type of exhaust you may need.

To book your vehicle in for an appointment or for more details on our services, please give us a call today.

If you choose to get your exhaust repaired or replaced with us, we have a large variety of exhausts in stock. Our expert mechanics & exhaust welder have many years of experience and offer a totally transparent service. You will be invited into the workshop and we will explain what the problem is as well as how to rectify it. All of our exhaust systems are fully guaranteed.

Symptoms & results of a faulty exhaust

  • MOT Failures
  • Loud blowing noise
  • Exhaust fume smell in the car
  • Poor running or loss of power
  • Lower fuel economy
  • Clunking or banging from underneath the car


Contact us to arrange your FREE Exhaust Inspection Today.

0115 777 3091